The Aisling Bog Pub will be a destination for Beer Enthusiasts who want a wide variety of old traditional European Stouts, Ales, Porters, Lagers and IPAs while integrating American crafted selections.  We will also carry an expanded Wine selection to appeal to the Wine enthusiast.

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A Traditional Old World Pub

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The Aisling Bog Pub will continue to advance our selections with new offerings monthly to keep a good selection of favorites, Old Blends and something new on our menu.

Our Offerings

Offering over 80 selections of European and American
Beers, along with a wide variety of wines.

Soft drinks, coffee, and teas will be served upon request.

• Whites and Reds
• Zinfandels
• Ports
• Pinot Noir
• Merlots
• Chardonnays

• Meads

**By Glass or Bottle**

• Beers on Draught – in Pints
• Stouts
• Porters and Black Ales
• Bocks, Dupplebocks and Rauchbiers
• Belgium Ales, Trappist Ales, and Lambics
• Ales, Brown Ales, Old Ales, and Indian Pale Ales
• Lagers and Pilsners

• Hefeweizen and Weissbiers

• Barleywines
• Ciders